From the Bushmen in Africa to high society in Egypt, from Morocco to the caves of ancient Jerusalem, Moghul India to Medieval France, we meet priests and priestesses, Swamis and monks, midwives and healers, medicine men and aristocrats as we discover the intriguing stories of two souls, and two intertwined destinies.

Kundun, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk, is traveling to meet a Druze Sheik in the hills of the Galilee in order to discuss their common interest in reincarnation.

Liora, a young Jewish woman on a dedicated spiritual quest, finds herself drawn into the ancient courtyard of a monastery in East Jerusalem where she spends her day awash with memories…..of this life, and surprisingly, her past lives.

By the time we have traveled with the two of them on a journey that transcends time and space, we have been taken on a wondrous adventure.

In the process we discover not only where their paths may lead, but the heartwarming wisdom of our own inner journey!

Reviews for Jewels in the Net of the Gods

“This brilliant book of wisdom and life lessons, is carefully hidden in the disguise of a beautiful story, half poetry and half magic. It takes the reader on a journey through time, culture, spirit and space—rich with beauty, mystery and understanding.”

- Jonathan Ellerby, PhD

- Author of the best‐selling book Return to the Sacred, Executive Director of the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality, guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“Jewels in the Net of the God is a tale lived out across sacred traditions and time. It reads like an alchemical mix of mystical journey, spiritual autobiography, and love story woven through luscious lifetimes. The miraculous of the deep currents that carry us in this life swirl to the surface in each encounter, each chapter. Through this rich story these currents coax us to “meet ourselves in our own heart.”

- Tobin Hart, PhD

- University professor, author, psychologist, and consultant, interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. He is cofounder and chair of the Board of Directors of ChildSpirit Institute. His latest book is The Four Virtues; Presence, Heart Wisdom and Creation.

“Dr. Lorell Frysh’s book is like a mysterious road map where all roads lead to a glorious meeting point that transcends time and space. A novel with both the mystery and the story to capture the reader as well as offering a guide to some of the great spiritual paths of the world. I was immersed in the characters and deeply enjoyed the inner journey.”

- Shahabuddin David

- Meditation teacher, mystic, and Senior Teacher (Murshid) in the Sufi Order International, author of “Universal Meditations: A Program for Quieting the Mind.”

This is a wonderfully lyrical book.

"The story floats gently and passionately back and forward through the ages, connecting two souls together and weaving a most delicate tapestry. In some ways, as the story unfolded, I felt like I was observing a dream, for there was a billowy feeling about it all, as if the tale were about two clouds meeting in the sky, then parting, and then meeting again. I heartily recommend that you make yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and enjoy this lovely story."

- Andy

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Magical, mystical tale of beauty

"Jewels in the Net of the Gods is a magical, mystical read which will appeal to anyone interested in spiritual journeying! The writing is elegant and insightful and in addition to being a wonderfully woven tale, the novel is a delicious compendium of spiritual exploration. As I read each chapter, I was excited to have this book as guide illuminating the truths of our deep spiritual connections. This beautiful story, rich with imagery will remain with you long after you put it down."

- Meg

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Jewels is a gem....

"There just aren't enough books like this... Its an amazing story, a thought provoking adventure, and a wonderful teaching tool. I found so many incredible lessons about life and spirituality in the book, but without the typical self-help style of direct instruction. I also loved the global feeling - it takes you on an amazing journey through culture and time. Very cool. "

- Rama

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Poetic delight for all the senses

"Woven across time and space, Jewels in the Net of the Gods will lead you on a quiet spiritual journey that delights all the senses. I will use this charming story again and again as a guide and insight to the paths that lead us to the one truth."

- Mitzi J. Terry

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A wonderfully soul-inspiring book!

"This masterful work takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the many lifetimes of its characters. Magically descriptive images of other times and ancient cultures are blended with a profound narrative of the human experience on the path of the divine. This book belongs in your library!"

- Ben

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A beautiful, enlightening book

"This is such a beautiful, enlightening book. I savored it while in bed on a lazy Saturday--nice to be able to read something with depth and substance in just a few hours. I was surprised and delighted by the end. I enjoyed the lessons in history and different cultures that were carefully woven through. A unique way of telling a story that was thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting. It's also a powerful reminder about how humans are wired for deep connection. I would love to see this book made into a beautiful movie - a la The English Patient."

- Andrea Miller

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Gentle and Compassionate

"This a beautifully written and tremendously engaging book. It flows like a gentle, fragrant sun shower. The unique story line, woven with wisdom and compassion, presents the universal questions of meaning in a variety of cultures, contexts and times. This book will promote a deeper understanding of self and other."

- T LaRosa

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Enchanting and lyrical!

“This book captures you by the first few pages and keeps you entranced till the very end. Lorell is a very good writer and her style is immediately captivating. Her descriptions of landscapes are vivid you feel as though you are there sitting next to the characters enjoying the view. . The story is lyrical, beautiful and such a pleasure to read in these days of graphic violence and sexual content. You will not miss any of that type of graphic drama but will be enchanted by this gem of a book. It is so refreshing to read a novel about reincarnation and multiple spiritual traditions written by an author who truly understands those traditions as opposed to a blend of fantasy, religion, and spirituality. I agree with the many reviewers who have compared this book to The Alchemist. I highly recommend this book.“

- Nita

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A profoundly mystical and mysterious journey

“Jewels in the Net of the Gods is a rare treat as it takes its fortunate reader on a profoundly mystical and mysterious journey through human history, culture and spiritual awakening. As it has been described in another review, the book is “half poetry and half magic”. But it also cleverly unveils hard won spiritual wisdom that has been gleaned by generation upon generation of human experience through individuals who have sought to live their lives with meaningfulness and purpose. There are many powerful messages contained hidden within the story but messages that are left open to interpretation and meaning as viewed through the reader’s own lens of inner awareness, self understanding and insight. It is a true treasure to read.”

- Stephanie C. Moore

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