My classes are maps of consciousness that explore the inner truths and mysticism of the world’s great spiritual traditions, and teach what it means to create sacred space both in our inner and outer lives.

I am teaching ongoign classes via Zoom.

For available classes and times on spirituality and mysticism, please contact me directly.

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Classes include the study of the following religions from cultural, religious and mystical perspectives:

Judaism, Kabbalah

Christian Mysticism
Islam, Sufism
Native American spirituality,

Aboriginal spirituality
African Spirituality
Sacred Geometry

I also Mentor students who wish to become Ministers/Cherags in the Inayati Sufi Order.


Spiritual Myths and Mistakes: How to Identify Misunderstandings and Avoid Pitfalls on the Spiritual Path

8-week series at Kashi Atlanta Ashram
Thursdays, August 5 - September 23
7:00 - 8:30 pm with Lorell Frysh, PhD

The road to truth means having to learn what is untrue. As we encounter differing teachers, teachings and spiritual practices, we encounter differing understandings about the nature of the great spiritual questions. We will explore the stages of the spiritual journey, its pitfalls and opportunities, and navigate topics such as Truth, God, Enlightenment, the Ego, Teachers, Gurus, Master, Reincarnation, Karma, Dharma, the Psychic Realm, Spiritual Materialism and Bypassing, the Dark Night of the Soul.

Bring your spiritual questions and we will examine how they help or hinder your own spiritual journey.

How the Enneagram Can Improve Your Relationships

7-Week Workshop Series · TBD

$140 with registration by July 25
$30 for drop-in sessions

The Enneagram is an ancient personality model, updated by psychologists in the Human Potential Movement. Learn to understand your personality types and how to work with them — emotionally and spiritually! When we understand ourselves and others better, we can create more harmony in our world!

A talk Lorell Gave on Dying & Rebirth in 2013 at the Conference on Death and Dying at the Grillo Center in Boulder, CO.