Crisis or Opportunity

Crisis or Opportunity by Lorell Frysh

We are living in strange and uncharted times.  Our genetic programming is to be on alert when we enter unknown territory. The ancestral aspect of our brain, our limbic system, or reptilian brain, is designed to keep us safe from predators and other dangers. But we are not only primitive organisms. We are complex people,…

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Secrets of the Soul

Although the current scientific consensus is that there is no evidence to support the existence of the traditional definition of the soul as the spiritual breath of the body, most people believe they have some form of a soul. And yet ‘soul’ is hard to define and there is distinction and disagreement amongst different religions…

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Workings of the Conscious Mind

  This article was first published in the Atlanta Conscious Life Journal on November 13, 2018. Click here to read the published article. Workings of the Conscious Mind Our mind works in interesting ways. Our conditioning and past trauma create beliefs that have very real consequences for the way we make choices. When we are…

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