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Archive for March 2016

Why do Past Life Regression?

My book ‘Jewels in the Net of the Gods’ uses reincarnation as a vehicle to follow the journeys of two souls as they affect and influence each other throughout the centuries. It’s a topic I know well. Every so often I am asked to lead a group past life regression session. Last week was one…

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To be awake…..perchance to dream!

Daydreaming gets a bad rap. And yet these very daydreams are the seeds that create and influence our lives and our future. When Martin Luther King spoke so eloquently and implored us in his powerful “I had a dream” speech, his dream touched our souls and inspired the best in us! When I wrote my…

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The Courage to Work for Peace!

Contemplating the absurd political debate raging between one bigoted Republican and another; the growing divisions, disenssion and fear of the so-called “other” that is creeping onto the world stage at the moment, I realize how much I admire those brave souls who actually stand for unity, harmony and peace in the world. As a board…

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“They set off together into that vast monotonous emptiness…”

“They set off together into that vast monotonous emptiness, hearts to the wind, open to the messages of the eternal.” – Jewels in the Net of the Gods The beauty of writing a book that includes vignettes in wonderful places around the world is that I am reminded of the miracles that happen when we…

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