Why do Past Life Regression?


My book ‘Jewels in the Net of the Gods’ uses reincarnation as a vehicle to follow the journeys of two souls as they affect and influence each other throughout the centuries. It’s a topic I know well.

Every so often I am asked to lead a group past life regression session. Last week was one of those times. Of course group sessions are very different scenarios from individual sessions, where I am able to talk to the client and have them respond to me. In those circumstances we engage in a conversation and together we can explore in depth the situations they find themselves in.

But in a group session – the one I led last week had 20 people! – I guide them to past life memories, ask them to look around, see where they are, what they are doing, and why the situation might be important to them, but obviously I can’t talk to them individually. And yet, I always find –I have been leading regressions since the early 1990s – that whether the sessions are individual or groups, people often come across memories that are profound.

So why are past life memories so profound, and why is it helpful to remember them? The answer is, curiosity aside, (I had a client about 20 years ago who only really wanted to know what she was wearing in her past lives…….fashionista!), knowing about the impressions you carry from your past experiences can be an important step towards healing.

I have undergone many of my own sessions in the past, and have been fascinated to see how impressions I have unconsciously carried with me for ages influence my life and my relationships now. We all carry impressions from our past experiences, and as we grow in awareness, we are able to understand how those impressions become the filters through which we view life, and often cause us to unconsciously react to situations based on them.

Many of our past traumas are stored in the cells of our bodies, and we carry past trauma impressions in our DNA through our genetic memory. So often when I work with people we have to heal generations of trauma carried by, and perpetuated in their families. Exploring those histories, whether of family history, memories from this life, or a remembered or perceived past life, frees so to be present without the filtered material that unconsciously governs us. With painful memories we can learn to see how they hold us back, and how not to let them govern our choices in our lives now.

Of course not all past life memories are painful or difficult. It’s always a great joy to find that we might hold memories and impressions of strength and creativity. Those memories are wonderful tools that can remind us that we hold within us great powers and joy that we can use as an internal resource to embrace our lives now!