To be awake…..perchance to dream!


Daydreaming gets a bad rap. And yet these very daydreams are the seeds that create and influence our lives and our future. When Martin Luther King spoke so eloquently and implored us in his powerful “I had a dream” speech, his dream touched our souls and inspired the best in us!

When I wrote my book “Jewels in the Net of the Gods”, the dream behind my story was to foster interfaith understanding and connectivity by highlighting some of the ways that we have expressed our spiritual ideals, human dramas and diverse cultures at different times in our history.

I know that the soul loves artistic creation. And I know that that expression can, at its best, be a doorway, or bridge that enables us to expand our everyday reality and to respond to something that is both greater than ourselves, and an intimate part of us. I know that by entering into that doorway and opening into that communion, we are brought closer to the experience of the union between our visible and invisible worlds.

Creation manifests itself in wonderful variety of course ~ as music, dance, theatre, literature, architecture, as well as the visual arts. As we relate to them, these forms become so much more than canvas and colors, instruments and costumes. Rather, they become an expression of our larger and greater communion.

Because the soul loves story, and because the stories in my book came flowing through from the deep unconscious with powerful insistence, they took form as a multi-layered written canvas that encompasses cultures, history, complex issues about our human condition, and ultimately an invitation to touch the magic and depths of the greater aspects of our beings.

My dream is that the stories in my book can inspire us to understand, honor and celebrate each other. My dream is that we can choose to live not by fear, but by understanding, caring and compassion. My dream is that we embrace the beauty and depths of our human family, live into the very best of our human potential, and help to create a loving and harmonious world!