The Courage to Work for Peace!

Lorell 3.7.16

Contemplating the absurd political debate raging between one bigoted Republican and another; the growing divisions, disenssion and fear of the so-called “other” that is creeping onto the world stage at the moment, I realize how much I admire those brave souls who actually stand for unity, harmony and peace in the world.

As a board member of the Abrahamic Reunion, I admire daily the incredible courage my fellow friends and peacemakers have, living as they do in the height of the Israeli/Palestinian drama.

I had to write about them in “Jewels in the Net of the Gods”, because to me they are the Jewels of humanity ~ “their price far above rubies” …or any other facet of brilliance for that matter.

“The Peacemakers are not simply idealists. They are realists who live daily with the tensions of fear and despair, continuing to walk the path of hope and healing despite setbacks and difficulties.

When violence erupts between Palestinians and Israelis, they take to the streets holding hands, portraying a powerful message of unity through diversity. They conduct Sulha ~ reconciliation meetings, in parks where members of opposing communities pass olive branches and listen to each other’s stories, coming together through their shared pain and confusion.

They create schools for Palestinian and Israeli children, who learn about each other’s religions and get to know each other by becoming friends. They arrange tea and knitting parties for women and musical evenings and soccer games for adolescents, bridging together both sides of that bitter fence.

“The truth is…..the group is aware that their work is to create nothing short of a miracle. For in the tiny moments looking deeply into the eyes, tears and smiles of the so‐called other, sharing heartfelt fears, stories, and dreams, they open the way for miracles!”