The Poetics of Transformation


It’s Fall…the Equinox announced its presence will the changing of the leaves, and even here on the GA outer banks islands where summer feels like it lasts forever, the nights are beginning to cool slightly, the red and black love-bugs are coupling reminding us why they got their name, and ever the symbol of transformation, the butterflies are migrating.

All over the Northern Hemisphere the days begin to grow shorter, and the psyche naturally turns inward. The Jewish New Year is almost upon us and no matter what your spiritual or religious persuasion; focusing on renewal is always a good opportunity for quiet reflection, and a positive step towards change…

One of the rituals I like to participate in at this time of the year is the Rosh Hashana ritual called Tashlich. It apparently originated during the Middle Ages and was inspired by a verse uttered by the prophet Micah:

God will take us back in love;
God will cover up our iniquities,
God will hurl all our sins
Into the depths of the sea. (Micah 7:19)

In order to make change fruitful, it’s important to step into it thoughtfully. Tashlich invites us to take responsibility for ourselves and our decisions. I shall not be relying on God, or anyone else, to hurl my limiting behaviors to the depths of the sea. Rather I shall be really thinking about the energy I have been putting into my emotions, thoughts, desires and behaviors. Given the chance to become aware of what has not been serving me well, what I have been trying to control that is beyond the bounds of my jurisdiction, what is dead-weight or what is holding me back.

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After a period of deep reflection, sincerely examining what I wish to let go of from the past in order to live a more conscious life, I shall, as tradition invites, symbolically toss sticks or stones representing those limitations into a body of moving water. With consciousness, I shall be glad to let the flow of the waters carry them away.

Perhaps I might release them into the waves on a gentle beach walk, but more likely will drop them over the pier where the water is much deeper…deep enough for huge tankers actually, and the tides are strong…

And then I shall bike home for one of the sweetest traditions at this time…dipping apples into honey, affirming my wish for positive change and a sweet New Year!