Pearls of wisdom: A companion Guide to Jewels in the Net of the Gods


So many people have been telling me that they have been reading my book more than once…twice and even three times…. because they are discovering how multi-layered and nuanced it is, and how filled it is with spiritual wisdom and life lessons.

What has been so fascinating to me is how the same passage brings up different issues for people – a no-brainer perhaps, but wonderful to see how rich the material is for them. Of course the book runs the gamut of spiritual and life experiences through many cultures, religions, and historical events, and each chapter brings up so much for different people. Here is just one example from one small passage …this one takes place on pg 20 in prerecorded Africa:

“Saying nothing, when the pains became very intense she left the camp quietly and made her way to the little hollow she had prepared behind a termite mound. Private and discreet she squatted alone in the dust.

…As she dropped her baby from her tired body, troops of baboon shouted a warning from the safety of treetops. The sudden crack of a tree branch alerted her to elephant, and amazingly she found herself surrounded by a herd of mothers with their babies. Keeping a respectful distance, they had watched her birthing process in silent protective arrangement ~ mothers in front, babies securely behind; except for the

Imperative of one newborn taking succor from the powerful body of its mother, the blood of birth still drying on its little legs.”

Some readers are in awe of the resilience to engage in intense life experiences alone and with such fortitude. And others make the comparison between our modern-day sanitized experience of birth and that of indigenous peoples who live far from hospitals in what we would consider dangerous environments. Others have reminisced on their own experience birthing their children, whilst some found themselves asking questions about what their birth was like and how that might have affected them. And interestingly, quite a few people have focused on the incredible interactions between the human and animal worlds and how these interactions play out in their lives.

Seeing how rich and contemplative an experience this book is for people I have decided to put together a companion guide and workbook. Another opportunity to expand consciousness in a thoughtful creative way…and so the journey continues!